Sitemap - 2023 - A User's Guide to History

The historian’s superpower

What is a human?

Dated dates

Morality and politics

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Politics should be more like business

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Was Truman a war criminal?

Is the world really smaller than it used to be?

Water holes and history

Common law marriage

Presidential debates . . .

Americans: Peaceniks or warmongers?

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What the world owes us

Kennewick Man

Moses, meet Darwin

The laws of history

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Annals of Exploration: The Discovery of Sex

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It’s the pictures that got small

Who lost Vietnam?

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LeBron James gets paid . . .

Why Congress doesn’t work very well

What’s the economy for?

Most of a lot is more than all of a little

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Jack London reports from San Francisco

Cast down your bucket where you are

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Give us this day our daily beer

Everyday wizards

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Oedipus and us

Nobody gets fired for buying IBM

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Fashions in politics

Climate and population

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Who killed MLK?

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What’s so magna about the Magna Carta?

Burr and Trump

The scientist and the shepherd

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Against all enemies

Clint Eastwood, constitutional scholar

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A willing suspension of judgment . . .

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Hands off my thermostat!


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Rabbit a la Roosevelt

Property rights

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When Harry met Siri

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Marx for pragmatists

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A bad idea that won’t go away

ChatGPT for president!

The night before, or the morning after

Peak democracy?

Kids these days

Gallery of great ideas: The telegraph

Deus ex machina

Uncle Sam wants you

Support your local sheriff

The equality trap

Why do people live in countries?

Burying the lede?

Fiction and life

Seeds of empire

Play it, Sam

One picture worth a thousand lives

Goodbye, Gutenberg

Lotsa luck

Out of the mouths of babes

My kingdom from a horse

Fear not the bot

Men no angels

Human rights and colonialism

Mike and Ike

Leave money on the table

You can’t take it with you

Nothing to brag about: The invention of zero

The plight of the adjuncts

College of Comfort; Edgy U

Tragedies, crimes, mistakes

The devil's due