Sitemap - 2022 - A User's Guide to History

You can't take it with you

Canadian echoes of Calhoun

A fairness doctrine for commerce?

Dictators and double standards

The death of a philosopher

Annals of work: Bootlegging in New York

Bryan, Bryan, Bryan

The meaning of Watergate

Why there’s not going to be another Civil War

If we must say “meritocracy”

Parkinson's law extended

The old yin and yang

Annals of work: Hunting whales

When Henry got the boot

Annals of work: On a cotton plantation in antebellum Louisiana

Democratic peace . . .

Annals of work: Catching salmon on the Columbia River

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday . . .

Adios affirmative action

Annals of Work: What it takes to be an astronaut

Jane Addams finds her niche

The bell tolls for public education

Annals of Work: Buffalo Bill on the Pony Express

Annals of Work: Making iron and steel at Homestead

Jefferson's curse

Caution: Midterms ahead

In dubious battle

Bring voting out of the closet

Prisoners all

Where did the poets go?

Don’t cry for Mark Z

Say it ain’t so, Joe

Man was made to mourn

Persuade if you can


What if we're wrong?

Human Babel

Heads I win, tails you lose

How did he do it?

Franklin on politics

Cop(s) on the beat

Why do we have emotions?

Venice on the Hudson

Born this way

Labels and stereotypes: Where would we be without them?

From Fort Sumter to Taiwan

Why Franklin didn’t write for committees

Pushing 250

Sam Houston walks at midnight

Does anyone really believe anything?

Bitch, bitch, bitch

We’re number two!

Washington socialite, Confederate spy

There is no Planet B

Papa, don't preach

Take a chance on trust

Decisions that changed the world:

Can’t maintain your best behavior?

Taxes, taxes, taxes

Does history have a direction?

Dr. Addams’ prescription for democracy

The untimely death of J. P. Morgan

Efficiency vs. equity

Optimism or pessimism?

Green-washing, art-washing, sports-washing

History without tears . . .


Brandeis v. U.S. Steel

Hobbesians all

If Pickett hadn't failed

Polly Baker strikes a blow for women’s rights

What slaveholders feared most

When government doesn’t do the job . . .

“Death or Westminster!”

Democracy versus autocracy

How much pluribus? How much unum?

Rockefeller defends big business

Peaceable secession?

Cast down your bucket where you are

A new capital for the United States?

Human nature

Lindbergh again

From the Missouri Compromise to Dred Scott . . .

The arsenal of democracy

Morality and politics

After Roe

The tragedy of the commons

What FDR knew . . .

Russia, America and the fate of humanity

If social media had existed in the 1770s . . .

Voters are always right

Prosperity on $5 a day

The puzzle of teacher pay

When Andrew Jackson became Old Hickory

Tocqueville and cancel culture

When Grant learned to be brave

The hanging of Mary Surratt

Quo vadis?

Just the facts, ma'am

Sic semper

Gold Gloves and golden handcuffs

Money talks, but conscience doesn’t always listen

Going bananas

The anarchist prince

The Ukraine war in American history

Why historians go around in circles

Why is that statue holding a tennis racket, daddy?

Bring back Publius

War: It's a guy thing

The Dahlgren affair

What’s right vs. what works

Three wars

What makes Vlad tick?

Annals of Assassination

From Manchuria to Ukraine

Teaching and the First Amendment

More posturing on critical race theory

Cattle roundup in Dakota

Nellie Bly meets Emma Goldman

A world without borders?

What’s left to fight about?

What did Hegel know?

Bork v. Brandeis

If America stopped being a democracy . . .

Hunting buffalo in the 1840s

How Civil Wars Start

A Martian anthropologist visits . . .

Suppose . . .

Annals of work: The hide trade on the California coast, 1835